Our maintenance service

Gearboxes are important for your applications. Regular and conscensious maintenance permit to ensure their reliability, their longevity but also prevent costly breakdowns and equipement downtime.

Lubrication and maintenance

All our gearboxes are lubricate per oil TOTAL type 80W90.

For gearboxes that doesn’t have filling plug, no specific maintenance is recommend. For others, preventive maintenance consists in checking regularly the oil level with the filling hole or the sight glace plug. For both case we recommend also to check seals and slack on shaft.

In order to eliminate residual steel chips due to the manufacturing, the heat treatment and the assembly of the gearbox, we recommend a first oil change after 50 hours.

After, oil must be changed every 500 hours or one time a year minimum.


Your gearboxes are remained unused, your gearboxes are worn (aged seal, aged bearing…)?
We propose to rehabilitate them.

Control them by professionals.

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