Parallel shaft gearbox

These parallel shaft gearboxes are used on many business sector and for various applications. Reverser, reducer, multiplier...

This range of parallel shafts gearboxes can be use for various and numerous applications.

Move, increase the number of PTO, reverse the direction of rotation, speed reducer or multiplier.

Their dimensions:

  • Power: 9 hp to 220 hp
  • Ratio: 1/1 to 1/12.5
  • Keyed shaft: Ø 15 to Ø 50
  • Splined shaft: 1″3/8 (6) and 1″3/4 (6)

RM121 linear gearbox

Ratio 1/12.5
Power 13 hp

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RM87 linear gearbox

Ratio 1/4.87
Power from 9.5 hp to 12 hp

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BL248 linear gearbox

Ratio 1/1
Power from 85 hp to 200 hp

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RM390 linear gearbox

Ratio from 1/1.85 to 1.85/1
Power 121 hp

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RM450 linear gearbox

Ratio from 1/2.59 to 2.59/1
Power from 45 hp to 220 hp

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